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105 Years Old!

Yes, last Sunday, Lenore "Gundy" Costello was celebrated for her milestone birthday - number 105! Pastor Rob presented her with flowers and the birthday cards that have been secretly pouring into the office in honor of her birthday.

She was born Lenore VanGundia in Sycamore, Ohio. Growing up with her four sisters on her father's farm they ran the dairy before school and had a milk route in town using a horse and wagon. A quart of milk was 9 cents while a pint was 5 cents. She worked her way through college at a dime store. Starting at 11 cents an hour and four years later when she graduated from Heidelberg University in Ohio with a double major in sociology and biology, she was making 27 cents an hour.

Gundy met her husband, George, through the Red Cross. He was on the national staff in Washington, D.C. while she was an executive director of the Ohio chapter. George died in 1997 at the age of 88.

She became a Girl Scout leader when she moved to Winter Haven. Gundy has held numerous positions, from troop leader to executive director of the council in 1951. She also was instrumental in developing Camp Wildwood - a 600 acre Girl Scout camp about 75 miles north of Tampa.

At 90 years old she hiked to the 6,594-foot summit of Mount Lecanto in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Then at 100 canoed the parameter of Winter Haven's Lake Elbert. The things we could accomplish daily if we followed Gundy's example and just set our mind to it.


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