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Advent Devo Day 1

Sunday, November 29th

“Hope Well Placed”

Passage: Psalm 42:4-5

Pastor Rob Harding

“Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” Psalm 42:5

As this season of Advent begins, we know as adults that Christmas is still several weeks away. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel rushed with some of what we have to do. It just means we know we have some time.

For a child, even though Christmas won’t arrive for several more weeks, the “hoping” has already started. “I hope” usually relates to what they hope they get for Christmas – a gift they’d love to have – but it can also connect to other things as well: time spent with family they don’t see very often, for example.

Thinking about the hopes of a child, a question we must always ask ourselves in this life is this: in what do we place our hope? Build our hope upon?

At times, like children, we, too, place our hope in things, thinking: if I just had this or that, then all would be well. Or if a key relationship was stronger, then my joy in life would be more secure. Truth is, the best of relationships and all the gifts in the world will fail us if we place our hope in them.

Begin your journey to Bethlehem recognizing this: Christ has come to lift your downcast spirit, to bring peace to that which is disturbed within you, but that will only happen if your hope is well placed. Whatever life currently brings, put your hope in God.

Prayer: Loving God, the One in Whom we freely place our hope, we claim and reclaim your promise this day and this season: when our hope is well placed, our lives will overflow with joy and peace. Amen.


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