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Advent Devo Day 1

Sunday, November 28, 2021

“A Promise”

Pastor Rob

Jeremiah 33:14

Throughout our lives, we have had various moments when someone has said to us: “I promise.” We told them something in confidence, asking them to not tell anyone, and they have said, “I promise.” Or we offered a tidbit about ourselves, something that no one else knew, asking them to not pass that along, and they have said, “I promise.”

Sometimes we as human beings keep our promises and sometimes not. Not so with the God come down at Christmas. He promises much to us in this life and never fails to deliver on His promise.

Perhaps you’ve never thought of Christmas – and Jesus’ coming – as a promise kept, but more than anything else, that’s exactly what it is. He promised to save us, and with the coming of the child, He begins the process of doing that. He promised to bless us, and through the transformation that comes to us when we fully embrace the child and his new way, we receive that blessing.

While the birth of the child, that which awaits us in a few weeks, is certainly the most important sign of this Advent Season, the divine “I promise” is perhaps the first sign of our journey, we might say. Even as we look forward to the manger and the sign that rests within it, may we even now embrace the promise that makes it possible.

Prayer: Loving God, the One in Whom we freely put our trust, we claim and reclaim your promise this day. In the child born to us, you “save and bless.” Help us to live lives that return the blessing to You and to others. Amen.


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