Advent Devo Day 11

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

“We Were the First”

Sharon Bates

Luke 2:15-16

How important is it to be first? First in line, first in your class, first to have a television, first to have the latest iPhone, first to go in space. How about first to see the Savior? Kings, church leaders, and important people in the community may have thought they would be the first ones to meet the Messiah. However, that was not the case. Lowly shepherds, not royalty or important people, received the notification and invitation first. These were persons who were generally considered “unclean” or outsiders never clean enough to worship with God’s people. Have you ever felt that you were not good enough or that you were an outsider when it came to coming to church or even serving in one of the ministries of the church? Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to say “yes” to opportunities because of insecurities or inadequacies.

Scripture tells us that the shepherds said to one another “Let’s go” and they hurried off and found Mary, Joseph, and the baby as the angels had told them. They didn’t stand around worrying about being smelly or grimy from tending the sheep or wondering what Mary and Joseph would think about them. They hurried! What joy they must have felt realizing that they were the first to see the Messiah! Not only were they first to see the Messiah, but the shepherds, the outsiders, were the first messengers to share the good news of the Savior’s birth. Let us, like the shepherds who were the first to worship the Christ child, say “yes” to His invitation to worship and serve.

Prayer: Gracious God of Acceptance, thank you for your invitation to all persons to love and serve you. Amen.

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