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Advent Devo Day 12

Thursday, December 9, 2021

“It All Started With A Puppy”

Gayle Fiser, Little Rock, AR

Job 12:7-10

We planned to pick out a puppy. That day’s devotional said: “Wonders will unfold!” We saw a puppy that looked different with mismatched markings. We were intrigued. When we picked her up, she nibbled my husband’s ear and curled around his neck in the same unique way as the pet we recently lost. It was incredible. It felt like God whispered, “Pick this one.” So, we did!

Later, my husband met a friend who taught a therapy dog class. They invited us to certify our dogs. The next week, our pet-friendly minister wondered aloud if members should have their dogs trained as therapy dogs to visit people in local nursing homes. I said, “I can make that happen!”

That was the “accidental” beginning of our pet ministry. Over the years, our dogs have brought comfort to many. The most significant time was a Blue Christmas service during Advent for those who have experienced a loss. The therapy dogs were gathered in the hall after the service, and people who were hurting hugged the dogs to let out their pain.

Prayer: God, thank you for showing us signs of new ways to use our pets in ministry. Amen.


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