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Advent Devo Day 14

Saturday, December 11, 2021

“Think About Such Things”

Dawn Hutchinson

Philippians 4:8

The Advent Season is a time of contemplation. We tend to think about the year that has passed and look toward the new year. We consider the people in our lives that matter to us, people that we love, perhaps people that we’ve lost. We also consider how we have spent our time and our money, and what we might want to change or keep the same in the year to come.

This passage of scripture exhorts us to spend our time thinking about what is true, right, noble, and praiseworthy. Paul wants us to think about our priorities and to place a higher value on what is right, on what is true. AND, he wants his reader to put these things into practice in their lives. Paul wants his readers to consider their priorities clearly and take action. What a great time of year to do that! At the end of the year, we can re-assess what is really important to us, and walk a path that we feel good about at the end of the day.

If we have had a particularly rough year, this may be particularly hard. Paul knew this all too well. This scripture encourages the reader to focus on what is true, and right, and good. If we can focus our minds on what is noble and right, our actions can follow. This is a hopeful way to live out one’s Christian life.

Prayer: God, as we reflect on this season of advent, let us consider what is true, right, noble, and admirable. Let us bring Jesus into our lives. Let us embrace true and right thinking so that our actions will reflect a praiseworthy Christian life. Amen.


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