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Advent Devo Day 14

Saturday, December 10, 2022

“Go and Tell”

Carol Sue Hutchinson

Luke 2:16-20

Think for a moment what you would do if your favorite football team won the Super Bowl and were fortunate enough to have gone to the game. What are your feelings as you leave the stadium? If I am guessing correctly, you would be screaming and yelling and telling everyone what had happened. You spent much of the next day praising the players and the coach and everyone involved. Everyone would know who you favored.

Now, think for a moment what you would do as you came from worship, and it was a great service, you were uplifted by the music and inspired by the sermon. What are your feelings as you are heading to the parking lot? I am quite sure you are not screaming and yelling and praising God for what Jesus has done for us.

Our scripture passage shares the excitement of visiting the baby Jesus in the stable. As they left, they told everyone about the angels and the baby Jesus and how everything was just as the angels had said. Pure excitement that they couldn’t help but share with everyone.

I don’t believe that God expects us to scream and yell for what Jesus has done for us. I do think God is expecting some excitement and some sharing with others all that Jesus has done. We need to know the story of our experiences with Jesus as we have followed Him.

Take some time today and think through how grateful you are to have a God who loves you for who you are, who sacrificed His only Son so that we can have salvation and a good life as a child of God. Who can you tell? When I read this scripture passage, I always think of the chorus of the hymn “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” “Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere; Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born.”

Prayer: Holy God, help us to share the excitement that Jesus Christ is Born. Amen.


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