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Advent Devo Day 15

Sunday, December 11, 2022

“What Just Happened?”

Laura Rector

Matthew 1:19-25

Dreams can be life-changing. A few years back, I was struggling with the direction my life was taking and knew I needed a change. For months I contemplated what to do. Then one night, I got some help.

In a dream (that felt so real) a gentle woman appeared and reached out her hand to me, which I took. I remember how soft and small her hand was. At first, I thought it was my Grandma St. Henry’s hand, but it was not an old hand. Then I thought maybe it was a saint’s hand that I was fond of, Maria Goretti, who died as a child, but it was not hers either. Then I felt my hand being pulled forward and I heard these words, “follow me to my Son.” It was Mary, the mother of Jesus.

When I woke up, I felt paralyzed as my mind raced about what had just happened. It felt so real! Almost immediately I knew that my dilemma had been solved. I was going back to school so that I could support myself properly as I knew my marriage was coming to an end. God and the church were going to be my future, and it felt so right. Like Joseph, my journey also took an unexpected path by way of a dream, but it also opened for me, opportunities, challenges, and blessings I could have never dreamed of on my own.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, prepare us in heart and mind for your Advent in the world. Give us dreams filled with hope. Come, Emmanuel! Amen.

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