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Advent Devo Day 16

Monday, December 13, 2021

“A Sacred Life”

Daniel Copeland

Psalm 37:7

Did you know that “sacred” and “holy” mean the same thing? They both mean to be “set aside” or dedicated to God. We often have no idea how to live sacred and holy lives. How do we “set ourselves apart for God?” How about being a monk or a nun, shutting ourselves away from anyone and everything, just to pray to God. Is that holiness? Is that being sacred? If it were, why didn’t Jesus or any of the apostles separate themselves in some far away place? This psalm tells us to be “silent” before the Lord. I don’t think it means to shut up. It means to quiet ourselves and expect the Lord to take up our defense.

Philippians 1:27-28 tells us that since we are “citizens of heaven,” we are to consistently live a life worthy of this title. As you read Psalm 37, you will see that the concern of the psalmist is the increasing power of the wicked. Don’t we see that today? Our country is so divided, we are being told to “take up arms” and defend ourselves.

However, Psalm 37 gives a different picture. It says to wait on the Lord. Let Him be your defender. God will show the rightness of your cause. You can be assured that by allowing Him to take up your defense, you will be delivered in exactly the way that works for His Glory. Philippians 1:28 says that our confidence in His provision is a testimony to the world of His Victory. By doing these things, we are living sacred and holy lives.

Prayer: Oh God, please let me not be afraid of the power of others. Let me “be still and know that you are God.” Amen.


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