Advent Devo Day 2

Monday, November 30th

“Strength in Time of Chaos”

Passage: Isaiah 40:29-31

Lori Durham

When I picture an eagle in flight, it does something to my heart. I think of freedom, I think of strength. There are a lot of ideologies attached to an eagle. The one I think of the most stems from this verse. Strength. I can hardly fathom that God has made his strength available to us. It is not a physical strength. It is an inner strength that we can draw from during chaotic times such as these.

I think back to the time when this verse was written. There are some questions as to who actually wrote this passage. It seems that this was written for exiled Jews who were taken captive and being held in Babylon. How chaotic that must have been for them. Think about how their lives were at that time in history. Taken against their will to a land full of idols and pagan worship. They did not have a temple to worship in. They laid down their instruments, refusing to worship in the land they were being held captive in. Remember when our sanctuary was closed to us because of the pandemic? That is just a small taste of what it was like for the exiled Jews. We at least could worship through technology.

That same strength that the Jews found through this verse is available to us now, at this very moment. All you have to do is claim it for your own. God will never abandon us during times of Chaos. Soar on Eagle’s wings knowing that God’s love and strength will stand even in times of chaos.

Prayer: May the peace of Jesus Christ bless you during this Advent season. Amen


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