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Advent Devo Day 2

Monday, November 28, 2022

“Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs.”

Laura Rector

Isaiah 7:13-14

King Ahaz, the ruler of Jerusalem, was facing war. God sent Isaiah with a message to avoid the conflict. Ahaz pushed back as the war was visible, but God was not. So, Isaiah said God would send a sign, Emmanuel, God with us.

Signs and billboards can make a strong statement. One day while driving I saw a billboard that read, “Look at Me” next to a woman with a black eye. It was a powerful statement highlighting domestic violence, yet for me, unrelatable… that is, until the next day when I saw bruising around the neck of someone I loved. Immediately the “Look at Me” sign flashed in my mind. She said a boy she was with pinned her down by her throat. My daughter saw, intervened, and got her home. She was living with us for a reason, but I had never witnessed violence against her, but now I did see, and things would change.

For the longest time, this young woman lumped boys up there with war, ugly and often unavoidable. She was afraid of the unknown in people, so she avoided everyone, that is until she met my nephew. Over time, he modeled God’s love to her, which helped her to trust again. She blossomed and is now happily married (not to my nephew) with 3 children.

My nephew was like Isaiah to Ahaz. Through him, God sent a message of love, meant to dispel the darkness. There are signs of God’s presence all around us by way of people, places, and even billboards, we just have to open our eyes and see.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for always being with us and for giving us people in our lives that model You. Amen.


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