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Advent Devo Day 21

Saturday, December 18, 2021

“Such a Blessed Sign”

Julie Erickson, Olathe, KS

Daniel 4:3

My dad was sleeping, exhausted from moving to a hospice house the night before. The doctor estimated he had four days left. My so-called wisdom told me to let him sleep that afternoon. I decided not to wake him.

The following day, I would wake him up, regardless, to talk. So, I busied myself with work on my laptop while I sat by his bed, thinking about things I wanted to tell him. Less than eight hours later, however, my dad was gone. My regret from not waking and relaying my message to him became agonizing.

Weeks later, God gave me a sign: a vision on a sanctuary wall during a worship service. My dad appeared with his arm around my mother (who passed the year before). They looked healthy and peaceful. He smiled, waved, and disappeared. I knew then my dad was telling me everything was fine. He knew what was in my heart, and they were with the Lord.

Until today, I’d only shared this event with close friends and family. This opportunity to tell about a time God gave me a sign is another sign—it’s time to declare more of God’s abundant goodness.

Prayer: Lord, we’re grateful for your mercies this Advent Season and always, especially those which give us peace. Amen.


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