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Advent Devo Day 23

Monday, December 20, 2021

“A Sight to Behold”

Laura Rector

Luke 2:8-14

Every summer our family friends, the McIntyres, invited our whole family to use their summer home in northern Michigan. All 50+ of us! One day, my daughter Jessica and niece Katie were off exploring in the woods, when I heard them screaming my name.

I jumped up and ran to them thinking that something was terribly wrong, but they grabbed my hand and said, come see what we found! Phew, they were happy excited! Anyway, warning me to be very quiet, we walked a long way down a trail to an open meadow, where they crouched down and pointed off to the left and said, “look.” It was two baby deer laying in the matted grass.

As we watched from a distance, the mother deer returned, and then Katie whispered to me, “it’s really nice that the McIntyre’s let the mommy deer live here with her babies, isn’t it?” In that one moment, as I saw the wonder of God’s creation in my innocent niece, daughter, and beautiful animals, I wept. In that exceptional moment, I realized that God chose us to experience something so rare and so glorious, and for this I praised Him!

The night Jesus was born, shepherds were chosen as the special ones to witness God’s glory as it shone all around them. I wonder, if I asked them what they personally experienced that day, it would be like my time in the woods in northern Michigan?

Prayer: Dear Lord, you reveal yourself to us in the most spectacular ways, help us to see all the people and places where your glory shines around us. Amen.


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