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Advent Devo Day 23

Monday, December 19, 2022

“Sunbeams for Jesus”

Sharon Bates

1 John 1:5-7

Like many young children, I was afraid of the dark and had to go to sleep with a small night light. On Sunday nights, my grandmother who lived alone next door to us would go to church with us. It was my job to go into her dark house with her and make sure she was okay. I can remember going into the dark house singing hymns hoping to ward off any would-be monsters. Of course, a flashlight might have been a little more help than my singing.

God’s first creative word was “let there be light” to an earth that was dark and unformed. Rabbi Jason Sobel in his book, “Mysteries of the Messiah” says “Biblically, chaos and darkness represent evil, exile, and death.” Because God is light, His plan from the beginning was to bring redemption through his Son, Jesus. When we walk in God’s light, we have fellowship with one another through Christ.

Today, when dark days of violence, injustices, and conflicts seem to penetrate our world, Advent is a reminder that Jesus is the Light of the World. When we walk in His light, darkness and fears give way to hope, comfort and joy. Two children’s hymns, “Jesus Wants Me to be a Sunbeam” and “This Little Light of Mine” have had powerful meanings of the love and truth of Jesus Christ as well as encouraging us to be an extension of His light and love.

Prayer: Gracious God, creator of light, thank you for lighting our way in a chaotic world. Help us to shine your light of love and forgiveness wherever we go. May we continue to be your Sunbeams. Amen.


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