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Advent Devo Day 24

Tuesday, December 22nd

“God’s Word Brings Joy and Peace”

Passage: Isaiah 55:10-12

Mary Jo Braddock

Isaiah 55 promises that God’s word is like the rain and the snow that comes down from the sky to water the earth. He decides when it shall come, to what degree and how long it will lie. It does not return without having accomplished its end. It waters the earth and makes it bring forth bread to the family and seed to the sower.

“So shall My word be: it shall not return to me void; it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” These are promises of mercy and grace. God’s word is as reliable as the seasons and will not return without succeeding in its purpose.

The return of the exiles from Babylon, marked by joy and peace, was certain. All creation joined in the celebration. They left their captivity and were led forth towards their own land again. They had goodwill and good wishes of all the countries they passed through. The hills and their inhabitants broke forth with singing; and when they came to their own land, it was ready to bid them welcome. This was an everlasting sign. The redemption of the Jews out of Babylon was a ratification of those promises that are in the gospel. It was a representation of the blessings promised. Grace set those at liberty that were in bondage to sin and Satan.

When we pray to God for mercy and grace, we cannot see it in the quiet of our prayer time, but the words we raise to heaven are like weapons of warfare. Because of our prayers, angels fight with demons to bring about God’s will.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you that Your word always accomplishes the purpose for which You sent it. Help me to weave Your word into my prayers so that it will become a powerful weapon against sin and Satan. May I have joy and peace. In your Holy Name, Amen


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