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Advent Devo Day 24

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Carol Sue Hutchinson

Isaiah 40:3-4

Whenever I read this scripture, I think of the song from “The Messiah.” It is so dramatic that I have to stop and listen. This same phrase has prominent places in other Christmas Cantatas as well. In the New Testament, we read that John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ’s ministry. Christ also spent time in the wilderness preparing himself for His ministry on earth.

Advent is a time of preparation and reflection as we come to the time of celebration of the birth of Christ. It is a time to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate and to prepare for our own ministries that Christ calls us to. Our preparation may not be as significant as 40 days in the wilderness, but it is still significant.

We need to take time to clear our minds, to recall clearly what God has called us to. We may need to change some attitudes or to change direction. We may need to look for signs from God as he tries to guide us in a direction that is effective. Whatever it is, we need to take a time of preparation.

Make a straight highway means removing obstacles and rolling out the red carpet for the coming of the Lord. Sometimes we are the obstacle that needs to be moved. The desert is a picture of life’s trials and sufferings. We are not immune to these, but our faith need not be hindered by them.

Prepare to come to the celebration ready to rejoice. Our path is clear for God to use us in His work.

Prayer: Help us to take time to reflect and prepare our hearts and mind to celebrate the birth of Christ. Amen.


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