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Advent Devo Day 25

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

“All In”

Marilyn Stump

Mark 12:30-31

In my former professional life, every day was faced with a multitude of “to do” lists and everything was important. How could I possibly meet all of the expectations? As with your own life you’ve no doubt already come up with the answer… prioritize. What are the first two most important items? If I focused on these everything else could fall into place.

A teacher of the more than 600 Mosaic Laws also wanted Jesus to decide what was the most important. I think Jesus must have delighted in the question then and He still likely does today. With all of the noise (no disrespect intended) of church rules and traditions, Jesus simplified it all. I said simple…not easy. We are to love God with all of our being (heart, soul, mind, and strength… our everything… “all in”). Do we long for God to be the priority in our daily life (thoughts, words, reactions, what we read, what we watch on TV, how we invest our time, etc.)? When we love our neighbor (everyone) as ourselves it is an expression, proof, and result of loving God… “all in.” I have a friend that when I first met her, I said, “you’re a Christian aren’t you?” I could tell just by how she loved people. It spoke volumes of how she loves God. She shows me in real life the love of God and how much she loves God… “all in”.

Prayer: Father, as Pastor Rob regularly prays, “God forgive us when we fail to love you with our whole heart…” may this be my daily prayer to bring me back into a relationship with You, of loving You with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and with all my strength... “all in.” Amen.


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