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Advent Devo Day 26

Thursday, December 23, 2021

“God Emerges from Our Chaos”

Norman Tippens, Selma, VA

Luke 2:16-18

I was serving a church in Hampton, VA when Hurricane Isabel devasted the area. Powerful winds tore down power lines and put us in darkness for days. Storm surge from the bay sent floodwaters into folks’ homes.

At one home, the water carried away a prized nativity set, scattering the figurines and pieces. After the storm, I noticed in the newspaper an item in the Lost and Found section: Found- After Isabel – Olive Wood Joseph – hand carving. Since there was a phone number and I wrote a religious column for the newspaper, I decided to call and see if there was a story.

The person who’d found Joseph told me that after the ad ran, someone reported she found Mary in her yard. Another person in Hampton had found a Wise Man. The entire set wasn’t put back together but there was hope – just as we have when putting the pieces of our lives back together after a storm in our lives. Here was a sign that God’s good news endures the worst of storms. Joseph and Mary emerged from a wrecked world, the first two actors in the drama that was the birth of Jesus.

Prayer: God who emerged from the darkness of this world to save us, make us whole this Advent Season. Amen.


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