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Advent Devo Day 27

Friday, December 24, 2021

“Signs of Wonder”

Carol Sue Hutchinson

Mark 1:9-11

God knows how to make an entrance! Jesus had come to John to be baptized. We know that Jesus didn’t need to be baptized and John knew. Then why do we have this record in history? First, it gave us an example of what was needed. Baptism is a public statement that we have repented, and we belong to Jesus. God used the opportunity to make sure people knew who Jesus was.

In His lifetime, Jesus performed many signs and wonders. Here at the beginning of His ministry, God affirms that ministry. Each of us is called and affirmed to ministry. The sign may not be as dramatic, but it is there just the same.

There are signs of the sacred all around us. God breaks into our lives to teach, to direct, to guide, to show us mercy, and in many other ways. We must be alert to these small signs that help us to recognize God breaking into our lives.

God is “hands-on” in our lives. He knows us, calls us by name, He wants the very best for us, but He can’t do any of it if we don’t recognize Him in our lives and follow His direction. Watch and listen and learn to see the signs of wonder that God puts in our lives.

Prayers: Lord, God, thank you for caring so much that you gave us Jesus to teach us to be more like you. You used a little baby to get the attention of the world. Amen.


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