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Advent Devo Day 28

Saturday, December 24, 2022

“The Star”

Carol Sue Hutchinson

Matthew 2:1-12

A brilliant star, as scripture describes it, appeared in the sky. It is interesting to me that light is prominent throughout the Christmas story, from the prophecy to the birth. The Magi were astrologers, they studied the stars, they saw this brilliant new star and believed it announced the birth of a king.

The Magi were Persian astrologers, who were familiar with the Jewish scriptures. They set out to follow the star. At the beginning of Christ’s life, the Gentiles played this important role. From the very beginning, the life and ministry of Christ would be to all people. Jesus appeared first to the Jews as well as reaching out to all people.

The Star, the light is very much part of the Christian message. In many places in scripture, the light representing God lights up the darkness in the world. Light cancels out darkness and evil. Jesus said I am the light. As Christians, we are the light of Jesus that can bring that light to the dark places of our world.

What kind of light are you? Are you a bright spotlight that shines brightly in one place? Are you a candle that brings light as long as it is lit and has a wick? Are you a taillight, that only shows when someone presses on the brake? Are you a willing light, that is bright whenever God calls on you? That first star led the Magi to Jesus where they worshipped him. Are you ready to spread God’s light “all around the neighborhood?” We are the only light God has to bring light to the darkness.

Prayer: Gracious Lord, we are your Star in our world. Help us to shine brightly wherever you call us to shine so that other people can come to know your love, Amen.


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