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Advent Devo Day 3

Tuesday, December 1st

“Hope in the Promise”

Passage: Romans 8:22-25

Joshua Holt

Advent is a season of waiting and a season of hope. As we observe Advent, we remember the waiting and the hope of those ancient followers of God who waited, sometimes patiently but often not, hundreds of years for the coming of the promised Savior. These people were desperate for this promised messiah to come and set all things right; they were a people living in a broken world, a world filled with corruption, inequality, and injustice. Sound familiar? The ancient followers of God held tight to the promise of a savior, but the birth of Jesus was the birth of a hope no one could have imagined. Jesus was not who they were expecting, he was so much more.

As we celebrate the hope that the birth of Jesus gave the world, we must also cling tight to the hope we have been given for our future. God’s work isn’t done in this world, and it isn’t done in us. The joy that we experience as we reflect on the birth of our Savior is the same joy we should embrace as we look to our future with confidence in God’s redemptive plan. Despite the darkness that attempts to fill us with despair, we can see the Holy Spirit working in us and in those around us. Let these glimpses of heaven fill you with joy as you look forward with eager hope towards the day when God’s plan of redemption comes to fulfillment and all of creation is made whole in Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Father God, as I go through each day, don’t let me become discouraged by the darkness that seems so prevalent around me. Instead, let me focus on the tangible hope You have given me. May your Holy Spirit reveal to me glimpse after glimpse of heaven on earth as a foretaste of future glory. As we reflect on Jesus’ birth being the birth of hope, let it also rekindle that same hope in my life today. Amen.


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