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Advent Devo Day 3

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Answered Promises”

Joshua Holt

Micah 5:1-5

In Micah 5:1-5, we find one of the clearest prophecies of the coming Messiah. Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, Micah predicts his coming with accuracy down to the place of his birth. During the season of Christmas, we reflect on the gift the world received with the birth of Jesus. But it’s important to remember that this wasn’t a spontaneous gift, it was the fulfillment of thousands of years of prophecy. The birth of Jesus was an answered promise.

For centuries, the Israelites experienced war, subjugation, corruption in their own leadership, exile, and many other kinds of suffering. Through it all, God sent prophets to call the people back to him and to his protection. But God spoke a message of hope through many of those prophets, the hope of a coming Savior, the Messiah who would rescue the people of God and bring them redemption. Jesus’ birth was God fulfilling His age-old promise to rescue and redeem His people.

This Christmas season, as you reflect on the birth of Jesus, take a moment to thank God that He never lets a promise go unanswered. Jesus was an answered promise for the ancient Israelites, but he’s also an answered promise for us today. God has promised rescue and redemption to all who believe in Him, and Jesus is the answer to that promise.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for answering promises. Thank you for the promise that you never stop working to redeem your creation and thank you for sending Jesus to answer that promise. Amen.


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