Advent Devo Day 4

Wednesday, December 2nd

“The Hope”

Passage: I Timothy 4:9-11

Daniel Copeland

Paul encourages Timothy with a simple slogan: “We hope in the living God who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe. This was a campaign slogan for Paul. Why he sacrificed. Like “Make America Great Again”, it is short to the point and easy to remember. But let me give you a personal example of why it was important.

As a young teenager, I wanted to make my life count for God. I thought that meant I had to be a preacher. I went to the youth group, talked to my friends, told everyone “I was going to be a preacher.” I went to Southwest Baptist University, I wasn’t a Baptist at the time, but there weren’t any 4-year Free Methodist schools. My dad convinced me to get a business degree. I pursued a career in business. It was always in the back of my mind, that I had missed my calling. I was concerned that I had not fulfilled the grand plan God had for me. Had I lost my chance to be used?

God gave me a wake-up call in church just the other day. The thief next to Jesus affirmed Jesus was the messiah. Jesus said to him “Today you will be with me in paradise.” This thief had robbed and killed many people. Yet his brief story has made a huge impact on the world. His story in Luke has been seen by Millions. Showing that God can take any person and give them “hope”.

Jesus: My hope is that you will take my life, such that it is, and glorify you. Remind all your children, it’s not by our efforts that we have hope. It is by your sacrifice and resurrection.

Prayer: May you trust Jesus with your life and hope. Amen


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