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Advent Devo Day 5

Thursday, December 2, 2021

“Want Vs Need”

Lori Durbin

Philippians 4:11-13

It can be hard to separate want from need. I want a new car and I need a new car are 2 very different things. When I suddenly found myself unemployed, I went from being able to buy mostly what I wanted, to having to utilize church food pantries and conserving gas so I could go to doctor appointments and job interviews.

Sometimes being content means counting on others to step in for you when you don’t have the strength to pray for yourself anymore. I learned how to be content knowing that my church family and friends were praying for me when I did not have any prayers left for myself. I was not happy that I could not pray for myself but knowing that others were praying for me was enough.

There are times when I must tell myself no at the grocery store. I must decide if I really need to stop for pizza or if I want to stop for pizza and how to be content with a grilled cheese sandwich or can of soup. Being content does not necessarily mean being happy with what you have now. I am much happier with a pizza than I am with a grilled cheese or egg sandwich. But I can be content knowing that at least I have something in my refrigerator to satisfy my hunger and need for food.

This year, with increasing prices and shortages of food and gift items, we will need to focus on being content with what we have. The love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Dear Lord, this holiday season, may we be content with what we have. May we live each moment of the Advent Season knowing that you have provided everything we need. Amen.


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