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Advent Devo Day 5

Thursday, December 1, 2022

“Authority Over Satan”

Beth Baumez

Mark 1:21-28

What would you give to have witnessed Jesus driving out an impure spirit? It happened in Capernaum at the temple where Jesus, fresh from the wilderness, began to preach. There were priests and scribes in the crowd as well as other temple goers and a man who was possessed with an impure spirit. He questioned Jesus’ authority but also recognized Jesus as the Holy One of God. Perhaps a dual personality! To demonstrate his authority, Jesus commanded the impure spirit to come out and it did with a shriek. Can you just imagine the hubbub that created!

This happened at the very beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, and it emphasizes one of the central tenets of Christianity. Believe in Jesus’ authority and Satan is cast out of your life. You can take control of your own life by believing that Jesus is the Holy One of God. That’s all it takes.

This passage also demonstrates Jesus’ divine authority which continued to be questioned until His death. It still is questioned today. But had you witnessed Jesus in the Capernaum temple that Sabbath, you would believe it, wouldn’t you? Today the Holy Spirit makes it possible for us to believe it through grace and in our hearts.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to continue to rely on the Holy Spirit and the authority of Jesus in our lives. Help us to be all that you have created us to be. Amen.


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