Advent Devo Day 7

Saturday, December 5th

“Hope is Our Anchor”

Passage: Hebrews 5:18-20

Carol Sue Hutchinson

There is no question about it – this has not been the best year. So many things beyond our control have happened and I found myself asking why.

I believe that God says that why is the wrong question. In any storm, we need an anchor. It doesn’t matter what the storm is or why it happened, we need an anchor so that our feet can be on solid ground.

This passage in Hebrews promises that anchor is our Hope in God. When God makes a promise, we can hang onto it, because God is true to His word. Our hope in God’s Word and in His promise that He will never leave or forsake us.

Hope in God’s word is a vastly different kind of hope than our world uses. The hope in our world is always a question, “I hope it doesn’t rain”…I hope all is well tomorrow”… God’s hope is solid and an anchor that we can hold onto during the storms of life.

This year has been a multi-faceted storm which has involved our emotions and deep feelings. It isn’t a year to invoke great hope. But we have God’s hope – an anchor in any storm.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you have prepared us to weather the storms of life by giving us an anchor in Hope to hand onto. Amen


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