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Advent Devo Day 7

Saturday, December 4, 2021

“And He Shall Be Called”

Andi Lehman-Hernando, MS

Isaiah 7:14

My husband, Dan, and I waited in the car for Mom. My father would not be joining us for the Living Nativity at church – he died eighteen months earlier. I watched the snowfall and swiped at tears. I was eight months pregnant with my dad’s grandson, and I couldn’t settle on a name I thought he would like. After weeks of indecision, we needed a sign.

As my mother scrambled into the car, her words fell on me like a blow. “Have you finally picked out a name for our baby boy?” I felt frozen, but Dan spoke up. “I like James Russell Lehman.” It was one of the names we considered.

“Oh, Dad would love that,” Mom said. “His best friend and co-pilot was Russ Fredericks. Jim called him Rusty.” I remembered hearing stories about Rusty but hadn’t realized his name was Russell. Dan squeezed my hand while Mom told us about the adventures of Dad and Rusty.

We received our sign, delivered through my mother. As we drove to see the reenactment of our Savior’s birth, Dan and I knew what to call our son. Like another young couple long ago, we rejoiced in wonder.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the small signs that remind us to believe. Amen.


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