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Advent Devo Day 7

Saturday, December 3, 2022

“Prepare Your Heart”

Carla Moore

Luke 3:4-6

For centuries, people were living in expectation of the Messiah. And Jesus came. He came so that everyone might see the saving power of God.

We seem to be living for the Christmas cards to send, cookies to bake, houses to clean, Christmas presents still to purchase, packages to mail, car trips, or flights to plan. The list can be endless. We are very good at convincing ourselves that we NEED to get these things done so it will be a “good” Christmas. There is only one thing we truly need to do to be ready for Christmas - prepare our hearts. Prepare our hearts so that we can appreciate what Christ has come to do for each of us.

Look into your heart and ask yourself if one more string of lights, one more batch of cookies, or one more gift will help the people around you see Jesus more clearly. Does it show the transforming power of God? If that answer is no, then ask yourself what needs to change. If there is a certain thing in your life you want to change then turn to God and to His Word. So, as we prepare our hearts for Jesus this season, do it with an open heart. A heart prepared for His coming.

Prayer: Lord, may I put You first in my life every day. When I stumble remind me to look to You for guidance. May my life reflect all the hope and healing in Your saving power. Amen.


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