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Advent Devo Day 8

Sunday, December 6th

“The Song of Zechariah “

Passage: Luke 1:76-79

Dr. Sara Fletcher Harding

Zechariah’s song is offered as a Benedictus, a song of Blessing for the God of Israel and of the Prophets of Old. He lifts up his voice after the birth of his son John, the one who will baptize Jesus in the Jordan. These words are spoken as a prophecy by Zechariah who was struck mute by the Angel Gabriel for the duration of Elizabeth’s pregnancy and whose tongue was loosened upon the naming of John by his mother.

The Benedictus is also a Blessing upon Zechariah’s infant son who will be known as the Prophet of the Most High. This baby is the forerunner, the one who will prepare the way for the Savior of the World. John will speak of God’s mercy and forgiveness. He will give light to the shadows and the darkness of the world to make the path of peace known. It is here where we find a song for Christmas. May we hear the words of Zechariah and be like John as we prepare to receive the Christ Child. Be light in the world and bring peace to our ways. Prepare to receive and offer God’s mercy and forgiveness to one another and to all we meet.

Prayer: O’ God of Song and Preparation, We ask that we might give light to those who sit in darkness and guide our feet in the way of peace so the world might receive the Christ Child and know his ways. Amen.


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