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Advent Devo Day 9

Monday, December 5, 2022

“The Best of the Prophets”

Dr. Robert Hornback

Luke 7:28-28

Jones Very was a strange man, a Harvard scholar, a teacher, a mystic, a lover of the English literature greats, and a poet, amongst other observant descriptions. There is much about him that should turn us off, yet he did pen, what to me is an insightful bit of rhyme on today’s text. Read it over several times and consider his words:

What went ye out to see? a shaken reed?

In him whose voice proclaims "prepare the way;”

Behold the oak that stormy centuries feed!

Though but the buried acorn of my day;

What went ye out to see? a kingly man?

In the soft garments clothed that ye have worn;

Behold a servant whom the hot suns tan,

His raiment from the rough-haired camel torn!

Ye seek ye know not what; blind children all,

Who each his idle fancy will demand;

Nor heed my true-sent prophet's warning call,

That you may learn of me the new command;

And see the Light that cometh down from heaven,

Repent! and see, while yet its light is given.

Jones Very 1813-1880 Salem Massachusetts

Prayer: Lord, how hard it must have been to focus, not on the course messenger, but on the redemptive message. We are often guilty of the same. We judge the distracting trappings of the messenger and cannot get to the message which, for all we know, may be from you. Like opening a walnut, we must break through a double thickness of hard, staining, smelly, unappetizing shell to reach the delectable meat within. Forgive us, Jesus. Give our souls a sharper vision for your truths. Praised be the God who works in mysterious ways. Amen.


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