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Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 25, 2022

“O Come, Let Us Adore Him”

Pastor Rob Harding

Luke 2:1-14

What a gift it is to hold a newborn. To look into newly opened eyes. To feel the soft skin. To hear the cooing and squealing. Even now, those memories lead us first this Christmas morning to pause in wonder as we think about Mary and Joseph’s newborn, lying in a manger.

As we joyfully ponder this gift, though, we know that this baby must grow up, for it’s not a baby who will be called, to use the words we find in Isaiah 9:6, “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Ever­lasting Father, Prince of Peace.” It’s not a baby who will take on sin and death. It’s not a baby who will rise that we might have new life. Instead, the newborn will grow up and be what this world most needs.

With that in mind, now consider this. Though he is Almighty God, he comes as a helpless infant. Instead of royal robes, we find strips of cloth. Instead of royal attendants, he is attended by no one. Instead of his divine authority thundering loudly on that morning, the cries of a child are heard instead.

As God has come so humbly to us, may we each day come humbly to Him, humbly approaching Him with gratitude and humbly approaching our neighbor – and our world – with the good news of Jesus Christ. Even as we “adore him” this morning, may we faithfully follow him and serve him all our days. Prayer: God, this day we give you great thanks for this child who changes everything. Amen.


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