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Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Christmas Eve

December 24th

At 4:30 more than 60 people gathered for the 1st of three Christmas Eve Services. People brought chairs to the outside grassy area, sat on a blanket or stayed in their car to enjoy the night of scripture, devotion, carols and candles.

It was a little windy and those pesky tea lights were a bit of a challenge to turn on, but that only added to the anticipation of what this night would bring. Whether you chose to worship outside at 4:30, gathered with the Worship Band in the sanctuary at 5:30, felt the draw this year of a traditional service at 7:00 or joined us online; we all knew the real reason we were there. We were there to share in The Arrival and be reminded of the One who is Christmas.

Wreaths Across America

December 19th

Beymer Pack 123 joined 6000 volunteers at Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida the weekend before Christmas to place wreaths. I am sure it looked much different from years past. Prior to the event you had to choose a time slot to volunteer, the wreath distribution was a drive-thru with you "popping your trunk" for the wreaths to be placed there and facemasks with social distancing.

Scouts and volunteers placed the wreath, straightened the bow, fluffed the greenery and most importantly they took a moment to "Say Their Name." Wreaths are placed on service members' headstones at Arlington National Cemetery and more than 2500 other locations like Bushnell, FL. Balsam tree wreaths serve as a living memorial to a fallen service member.

Thank you for supporting Beymer Pack 123 and Wreaths Across America with a total of 86 wreaths sold!


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