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Christmas VBS

Laura Rector

Our very first Christmas Vacation Bible School was a success!

It started out in the sanctuary with the children learning that Jesus was the Incarnation. God took on flesh and came to live among us to teach us how to love.

They met two fun-loving angels who were given the task of how to announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds and wise men. The angels settled on a star, to lead them to the Baby Jesus!

So, to remember this, we made our own star ornaments. Using various colors of yarn each child put their own twist on how it should look.

After craft time the group headed outside for fun and games. They challenged themselves to balance wrapped gifts in a relay race and strategized on filling one of the 3 gifts (gold, frankincense, myrrh) with ping pong balls. And yes, even in Florida there was a snowball fight.

Heading back inside VBS was host to a shadow drama. Behind a white screen, people donned costumes while Carol Sue Hutchinson read the Nativity Story.

By this time everyone was famished, so a snack was up next on the agenda.

The group then joined Nancy Hallfin to learn 3 songs with the actions which they performed at the end of VBS.

Finishing up in the sanctuary, they learned that Jesus came to be a shining light to the world, and He calls all of us to do the same thing. Just like Santa, who came for a visit to tell the children that he does what he does, all for the

glory of God!

Before Sanat left he knelt down before the baby Jesus while the "Santa Prayer" was read. It was the perfect ending for our Christmas Vacation Bible School!

Thank you to all the participants and to the volunteers. Merry Christmas!


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