Coming Together

Lori Durbin has taken on the task of bringing some order to the library. Over the last few weeks she has worked diligently to sort books, gather together series and studies and try to organize the various subject matter.

A goal of this project is that the many resources are readily available and simple to traverse. Also, it is an opportunity for people wanting to lead a study to effortlessly view what is currently in the library. Hopefully having a system that's easier to use will spark ideas for new groups.

Would you like to know information on the heritage of the United Methodist Church? Did you realize in 1 Corinthians 13 the author used the word "love" nine times in only 13 verses?

Lori has been finding a lot on these subjects and many other things!

There are studies on Discipleship, Prayer, the New Testament, Grace, Faith, Genesis and so, so much more! Some of the studies include a leader's guide, participant guides and DVDs. Others are curriculum guides with a hardcover book, study guide and downloadable resource information. It has been fun and interesting exploring what is in the library knowing study gives each of us an opportunity to bridge the gap between learning the Word and living it out in our everyday lives.

The library is coming together, and I am sure as more books are added there will be some rearranging needed. This room can be a valuable resource in helping plan studies, seek answers and grow.

Again, a HUGE shout out to Lori for taking on this project, she has done a FANTASTIC job!!!


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