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Did You Find a Treasure?

Saturday, the Beymer Youth Group held their yard sale on September 18th and it was spectacular!

It began simple enough with a call for donations to be used for the sale. Our congregation searched closets, storerooms, attics, cleaned out drawers and garages. Once the items arrived at the church the sorting and pricing commenced.

In addition to the Youth Group selling items, the Thrift House, Cub/Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts also set up tables. Other individual sellers joined them to make the parking lot a real destination place on a Saturday morning.

None of this would have been possible with the support of our congregation before the sale and the day of the sale. Youth and adults worked alongside each other to set up tables, display donations, visit with the shoppers, man tables and carry purchases to cars. What a blessing to be part of Beymer and share that with others.


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