Family Fun Olympic Highlights

Updated: Feb 8

- Laura Rector, Director of Discipleship

This past Saturday, families came together to play!

As our Olympics got underway, families started by making their own unique Family Fun Olympic Flag. Each one, like each countries' flag in the Olympics, was distinct and beautiful.

With this completed, the games began. The first event was the Snowball Bottle Tip. In this event, the adults put weighted pantyhose on their heads in an attempt to knock over ice water bottles. It was hilarious.

The next event, Hula Hoop Relay, was perilous as families crammed inside their hula hoops and sprinted for the win.

After a quick snack, everyone headed outside to the courtyard.

The Snow Pile Cheeseball Toss had one adult from each family put on a plastic shower cap which was then covered in shaving cream. At "GO" family members started throwing cheeseballs at the snow pile of shaving cream, and the family who got the most to stick won.

What a mess...and so much fun! It was hard to keep the camera straight with all the laughing and cheering going on.

Next, on to the Greased Piggy Pass.

Teams passed a cold, wiggly, greased pig from person to person as fast as they could in 1 minute.

This was followed by the Biathlon where marshmallows were blown down a track, sucked up, and then shot into a container for the win.

If that wasn't enough excitement, the final two events proved to be quite daring too!

The Speed Skating event had all the children with skates on their feet (parchment paper) and gold on their minds. They quickly made it through a weaving course to the finish line.

The Snowball Hockey challenge followed up the sprint race, where snowballs were batted with hockey sticks (fly swatters) from one end of the room and back two times.

Truly a nail-biter!

After a final icy treat and some Olympic souvienirs, everyone went home as winners. Thank you to all of the participants and of course to our volunteers: Bonnie Hudson, Amy Arthur, Garry Unrath, Venalee Sloan, and Jim, Carla, and Jeremy Moore.

You made this day a cold BLAST!


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