Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Trunk or Treat

October 30th

Happy Trunk or Treat! Happy Trunk or Treat! Happy Trunk or Treat!

Beymer teamed up with Lake Howard Heights and Good Shepherd Hospice to put on an event that reached more than 168 families. Spiderman, Bumblebee, Mermaids, Princesses and many more wound around our parking lot following arrows to view decorated trunks for a treat. Along the way they stopped to toss a ring on brightly colored bottles or try their skill at golf while Shane kept tempo upbeat with his mix of music.

The evening was filled with oohs and aahs for the costumes, laughter and a heartfelt thank you. Over and over families thanked us for taking the time to put on the event, talked about attending our preschool, neighborhood parents and children saw what was going on and wanted to join the festivities, our church families and families of our cosponsors participated.

There were masks, social distancing, a full moon, and couple pesky mosquitoes, but the night was a big hit for everyone. Wonder what we will come up with next so Beymer can connect, grow and serve our church and community.

All Saints Sunday

November 1st

Billie Day

Frances Cole

Robert Earl Hallfin

Herman Edward Suits

Marilyn Ann Whelan Neely

Agnes Arthur

Billie Jean Kuenzli

Helen Mitchell

Laura Dean Lawson

Mollie “Sharon” Williams

Robert (Bob) Smith

Phillip J Phipps

Rosalie J Garretson

John A Fierro, Jr

Jean Juhn

Ruben “Freeman” Keith

Betty Witt

Geraldine “Gerry” A Wilson

Mary Marjorie Daniel

Mae Coline Gibson