Lend Devo Day 30

Thursday, March 18, 2021

“Do You See What I See?”

By Sharon Bates

Passage: Romans 12:3

How do you see other people? How do they see you? How do you see yourself? How does God see you? How can we see the world through the lens of what God wants us to do? It is only natural that we may see and hear from our own perspective, rather than seeing ourselves truthfully. It takes faith to do this. Each one of us have been given spiritual gifts to use for God’s purpose regardless of our station in life. We need to recognize that these gifts of grace provide all the power and ability we need to serve each other.

How can we show grace to others in our everyday lives? We need to know that grace is the basis for our Christian identity, our behavior, our way of living, our way of speaking and our serving God’s mission. We can start by being kind to one another in both word and actions. Showing gratitude and appreciation to others reflects God’s grace given to us. Look for needs and opportunities in which you might help someone. In some cases, just being present with someone in joys or sorrows shows you care and are concerned for them. Even if you’ve been criticized or hurt, keep a calm attitude. Show forgiveness with graciousness. Ask for forgiveness when you have wronged someone else. Even when we disagree with someone, try to understand their point of view. For whom do we need to show grace today? Will they see God’s grace through us? The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you each and every day.

Prayer: Gracious God of Grace, help us to see the world through your eyes and show grace to everyone we encounter. Amen

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