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Lent Devo Day 12

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Witnesses of the True God”

By Joshua Holt

Passage: Isaiah 43:9-10

In ancient times, rarely would “do you believe in God/a god?” be a relevant question. A more fruitful question would be “which god(s) do you believe in?” Almost every documented civilization throughout ancient history also has documented objects of worship, and the nations we see in the bible are no different. Idol worship is a common theme in scripture, and, in today’s scripture, Isaiah issues a challenge to those foreign idols.

In the chapters preceding today’s scripture, Isaiah goes through many reminders of God’s forgiveness, power, protection, and so on. However, he also lists promises and prophecies that the Lord has made which have come to fulfillment (as well as some new prophecies.) Finally, in Isaiah 43:9, Isaiah issues his challenge to the countless gods of these other nations. Which of them have ever foretold such things the way the true God of Israel has? Do their idols have any witnesses to their predictions that can verify they spoke truth? Of course, we know the answer to that question is “no!” Then God follows up Isaiah’s challenge to bring forward any witnesses to the power of the false gods by telling His people, “YOU are my witnesses.”

Have you ever considered your role as one of God’s witnesses? Our world today isn’t so different than the world Isaiah lived in. Sure, idols that steal people’s worship and affection today may look different than they did back then, but people today are still putting their trust, faith, and affections on all the wrong things. As Christians, we have the joy of believing the stories of God’s faithfulness and power throughout history, and we’ve also seen how he has moved in our own lives and the lives of those around us. We have the privilege of being His witnesses to a broken world. Being His witness doesn’t mean judging or shunning those who don’t believe what we believe, but rather telling them all of the wonderful ways God has revealed his heart to humanity. Share your stories, share His triumphs, so that others may hear them and, because of your witness, believe in the loving God that has been pursuing them since before they took their first breath.

Prayer: God, let my belief in you become a witness that points others to who you really are. Amen


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