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Lent Devo Day 16

Thursday, March 4, 2021

“I Believe…Now What”

By Carol Sue Hutchinson

Passage: Acts 12-14

Philip was preaching to the crowd that was gathered. He preached three things: He preached Christ, the kingdom of God, and the name of Jesus Christ. This brought about conversion, new life in Christ, and miracles of healing and liberation from evil spirits and sickness. Accepting Christ as Savior will not last long unless he is made Lord of every facet of our lives.

When we believe and accept Christ as our Savior, it is the beginning of a life-long journey of living a new life in an evil world. It is relatively easy to say yes to Jesus at Church on a Sunday morning among other believers and friends. It is a different situation away from church where we are encouraged or tempted to follow our own way. Believing is the beginning and learning what believing in Christ is a journey of hills and valleys.

Our life in Christ is different. We need to listen for direction and learn to recognize what Christ is calling us to do. Ministry is different for people and learning what talents we have and finding ways to use them to build the kingdom takes time.

It is easier to do what we have always done. New ways and new thought patterns are not so easy. It takes time and work to think differently. To make new friends, find places to serve and continue to work and keep your family life going.

I believe – now obey and serve Christ.

Prayer: Lord, teach us to come to you first as we live, plan, and serve. Amen


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