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Lent Devo Day 19

Sunday, March 7, 2021


By Laura Rector

Passage: Ezra 8:22-23

Mary Lou Brown was a mentor of mine, who ministered to the homeless community in Downtown Detroit. A little background... Mary Lou was a supermodel in New York and Paris in the 1930’s. One would say she had it all, but she would disagree. Her life was shallow and cold, she wanted direction, so she turned to God. One day, while in prayer, God told her to sell her penthouse apartment and move to the Cass Corridor in Downtown Detroit. Family and friends thought she was mad, and so did she! But, after many Garden of Gethsemane moments, she accepted her call and did as God asked. Arriving in Detroit, she found the Corridor. It was a dangerous place filled with speakeasies and prostitution. She wanted to flee, but instead, plunked herself down in the middle of it, found a nearby dilapidated building, obtained it, and began her ministry to the marginalized, she eventually became Reverend Mary Lou Brown.

This amazing woman consistently faced her fears, trusting that God would keep her safe and help her succeed in doing His work. Just like Ezra, prayer and fasting became a constant, especially when the mission needed something. For example, one Saturday she realized the mission’s fridge was almost empty. She had almost no food to hand out when she walked the streets ministering to those living in the parks and under overpasses. But Mary Lou knew who to turn to, and immediately went into prayer mode. That same afternoon, I called and left a message letting her know I would have some 500 sandwiches and cookies to bring to the mission on Sunday afternoon. Her prayers were answered, she told me that she never worries about it, she knows that God will provide!

Question: Has God ever revealed to you through prayer/fasting a truth that would require you to make a difficult change?

Prayer: Dear Lord, take my whole self this day. In difficult times, inspire in me the ability to follow your will, knowing you will always have my back. Amen


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