Lent Devo Day 2



By Lori Durbin

Passage: Acts 11:18

Repentance is often a misunderstood word. Repentance is a verb. It requires action. It means doing something. It is more than just saying I am sorry. It is changing the attitude of your heart.

True repentance is admitting that you sinned and then working to not keep repeating the same sin over and over. Repentance comes with a responsibility and accountability to yourself. Peter realized this in our verse for today. When you read the chapter, Peter did not think that Gentiles could receive the forgiveness of Christ because they were considered unclean. God reached out to Peter in a dream and showed him otherwise. Peter admitted that he was wrong and accepted Gentiles who had accepted Christ into their hearts.

Yes, Peter and Paul still clashed with each other on other church related things concerning Gentiles. But he did repent on allowing Gentiles into the church. How fitting this is for the society we live in today. How often do we find ourselves judging whether someone is ‘fit’ to be called a Christian or thinking that a person’s heart is not in the right place?

True repentance comes from within and is a covenant between each person and God. God alone knows if a person has truly repented. True repentance is a holy act of accepting forgiveness followed by working hard to not keep making the same mistakes that we made before turning back to God. True repentance also means saying “I’m sorry” to yourself. Only then can your mind and heart truly be transformed into new life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I am so sorry I sinned against you. Please renew my mind and spirit. Make me a new creation today. I forgive myself for the sins I have committed. Renew my heart and soul. Restore my relationship with you. Amen


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