Lent Devo Day 27

Monday, March 15, 2021

“Marvelous Infinite Grace”

By Sharon Bates

Passage: John 1: 15-17

Our founder, John Wesley, considered grace the cornerstone of the Christian faith. We can see this concept in the first of seven witnesses by John the Baptist of Jesus’ divinity. John wanted to make sure that his followers realized that Jesus, even though a few months younger than John, was greater. He declared that Jesus existed before him as the Word. Jesus’ fullness gives “grace upon grace.” God’s grace was given to Moses and now grace is a constant overflowing gift to us. John tries to connect with his Jewish followers that Moses’ ministry brought the knowledge of the law, a gracious gift from God, and now, Jesus’ ministry brings us grace and truth. According to one commentator, grace is not mentioned in John’s gospel after this scripture. However, truth is mentioned numerous times. He says, “truth is the way grace works.” Have you ever thought about that?

One way to remind us about the aspects of grace is through words of hymns. “Amazing Grace” is probably the most famous and beloved of all times. However, one of my favorites is “Grace Greater than Our Sin”. “Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace freely bestowed on all who believe” are words of hope and love given to all of us. The ultimate expression of God's love for mankind is grace given through Jesus Christ.

When we receive God’s grace, it should transform our desires, motivations, and behavior and empower us to be His Presence in the world.

Prayer: Gracious God of Grace and Truth, thank you for your abundant grace and guide us each day to show grace to others. Amen


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