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Lent Devo Day 33

Sunday, March 21, 2021

“It’s an Everyday Thing”

By Joshua Holt

Passage: Joshua 22:4-5

In today’s passage, we read part of what might be considered the happy conclusion to an epic story. After Moses led the Israelites out of Slavery in Egypt, they began a lengthy journey (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) to the promised land. The book of Joshua begins just after Moses passes away and Joshua assumes leadership of Israel. The first 12 chapters are filled with exciting battles, spy missions, supernatural demolition, and more as the Israelites follow God’s instructions and Joshua’s leadership to conquer the land that was promised to them. Finally, the Israelites are victorious and in chapters 13-22 they begin the process of dividing up the land, settling in, and resting.

Approaching the end of the story, it’s natural to assume that the work is finished and that the only thing left to do is rest and enjoy what the Lord provided. In fact, in v.4, this is exactly what Joshua instructs the tribes he’s speaking with to do; the Lord has provided the other tribes rest as promised, so now it’s your turn to go home and receive your rest as well. But v.5, brings a new instruction, to carefully follow the laws of Moses, to love God fully, and to practice devoted obedience.

These words sound like instructions you would give to a new believer, not seasoned followers that just won a holy battle for the honor of God. So why did Joshua see it fitting for these to be his last words to these people? Because obedience is a daily choice! Winning a huge battle on behalf of God and his people doesn’t mean that every choice you make will automatically be the Godly choice, that would take away your free will. Every day, we wake up with the freedom to choose obedience or defiance, and the hard truth is that if we don’t pay attention, often our default is defiance. Let’s make an intentional effort every single day to choose God, choose love, and choose obedience.

Prayer: God, help me remember that following you is not a one-time choice, but a daily commitment. Amen

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