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Lent Devo Day 34

Monday, March 22, 2021


By Laura Rector

Passage: Romans 1:5-6

As a child, grace was said before meals. Grace to me was a short prayer.

As a teenager, I worked at a local ice rink. Every year they had spectacular ice shows, and I helped design and paint the backdrops and props. I loved it, and I loved watching the graceful figure skater’s practice. Grace to me, was how someone moved. As a young adult, I had a friend named Grace. Grace was also a girl’s name. All of these understandings of grace are true enough. But understanding God’s Grace came to me not that long ago. Let me share…One Sunday, my daughter and I attended a service at a new church close to our home. After the service, while enjoying coffee and donuts, a gruff woman walked up to us and said, “Who are you?” Hesitantly, I introduced myself and my daughter and that was that. The next Sunday, she sat down with us. After a 10-minute conversation, she boldly said, “you are going to teach the children here,” to which I replied, “NO”. Eventually I gave in to her pestering and agreed to “help” someone else teach. Months later, the teacher and I switched roles and I led the class. It took a while, but eventually I woke up to the fact that God was calling me to this, kind of like Paul’s awakening on the road to Damascus. I was being sent in a whole new direction with my life and so was he. Only by the grace of God was I (and Paul) able to understand and accept God’s gift of enlightenment. And you know, Marietta, that gruff, persistent woman mentioned above…well, she’s the apostle (one who is sent) who made me understand God’s plan for me.

So, grace is a prayer, a movement, a name, but more importantly, it’s a gift from God…just because.

How has God’s transformative grace worked in your life?

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to accept the gift of your grace so that I can be awakened to your will for me. Amen


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