Lent Devo Day 35

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

“Following Directions”

By Pastor Rob Harding

Passage: Genesis 12:1-7

“The Lord had said to Abram, ‘Leave your country, your people…

So Abram went’” …Genesis 21:1, 4a

Our passage for today is all about Abram’s response to God’s request. In other words, all that is to come in the rest of Genesis comes as a result of Abram’s willingness to follow directions.

What is being asked of him? To leave, simple as that. Or maybe not quite so simple. Leaving one’s homeland, in this instance, can be extremely challenging. For many of us, even just attempting to leave what is familiar is difficult at best, and yet here is Abram, even though he will never see the great nation that is to come (v.2), faithfully leaving what he is called to leave so that a greater purpose might be served.

My home is, and will always be, Nebraska, though I haven’t lived there for decades. Having grown up there, I assumed I would serve churches there until the day my ministry ended. God had other plans. To leave what had great meaning, and what was so familiar, was not something I desired to do, and yet leaving what I knew I was called to leave led to finding what I was called to find: a new ministry in a new place.

As you continue your journey through Lent, I want you to focus today on what God is asking you to “leave” in your life right now. Might be a relationship that bogs you down. Might be a habit that diverts you from growing spiritually. Might be self-centeredness that keeps you from serving others.

Whatever it might be, attempt to grasp it clearly in your mind, and when you firmly have hold of it, then do this: follow God’s directions. Leave what you need to leave that a new and better future might be yours.

Prayer: Loving God, I confess that I cling to some things that do get in my way. Help me leave what must be left that I might more fully embrace this gift of my future in Christ. Amen


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