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Lent Devo Day 41

Monday, March 29, 2021


By Pastor Rob Harding

Passage: Psalm 16:9-11

Back in November, and then again in December, I had the privilege of performing wedding ceremonies for two incredible couples. I sensed in them a trust, security, and joy that are at the heart of all good marriages. In the end, perhaps the most significant thing we might say about any relationship like that is this: we are secure in one another.

What’s special about that kind of security is that it isn’t achieved, meaning we don’t get to that point in a relationship because we’ve done all the right things. Instead, we find such trust being built up when we simply do this: entrust ourselves to the other.

The Psalmist speaks to this very same thing here in Psalm 16. While we now have our attention turned to God, the formula still applies. To find true security in God also is never about an achievement, this sense that we’ve done enough for him so now God can be trusted. Instead, we feel His presence strongest, along with the joy and gladness it brings, simply by entrusting our lives to Him. Period. End of story.

In the midst of your Lenten journey, ask yourself today: how are you, like the psalmist, entrusting your life to God? No reservation; no holding back. Just fully entrusting your life to God. If as you answer that you realize you are holding back a bit, only cautiously following Jesus, then pray to God that He might help you change that.

Prayer: Loving God, help me to be secure in You as I entrust my life to You. Amen.


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