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Lent Devo Day 43

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

“The Priorities of Jesus”

By Sara Fletcher Harding

Passage: Mark 6:7-13

In this passage, Jesus sends out the twelve disciples, two by two, as his agents. He grants them authority over unclean spirits and charges them to take nothing except a staff, wearing only sandals and a tunic. Food, drink, and money are matters of secondary importance. It is Jesus’ mission which matters most. The disciples are to preach, cast out demons, and anoint and heal the sick. They are to minister in Galilee. Their tasks are the tasks of Jesus’ own ministry and now in Mark, Jesus’ efforts are multiplied as the disciples are sent out to do the same. There will be those along the way who accept and welcome the disciples into their homes and thereby accept Jesus. There will also be those along the way who will reject and refuse them, and therefore reject and refuse Jesus. This passage challenges us to consider the priorities in our own lives and to take the opportunity to align them with those of Jesus. The ministry of Jesus is filled with his proclamation about the Kingdom of God and his actions that draw it near. As followers of Jesus, we must ask ourselves, “With whom do I identify most in this passage?” Is it the disciples, as ones sent out into the world to do the work of Jesus? Is it those who open their homes in which the disciples stay? Or is it those who refuse to receive and hear Jesus? Whatever the answer may be, know how much Jesus longs to be in relationship with you.

Prayer: Holy God, help me to recognize the ways of Jesus in my life as of primary and singular importance. Amen.


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