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Lenten Devo Day 1

Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Statements of Faith

Pastor Rob

Matthew 4:1-11

As we begin our journey of Lent, what an appropriate topic and passage for Ash Wednesday: Jesus’ temptation. Having been led by the Spirit into the wilderness, the tempter comes to him and attempts to lure him away from, in essence, the Kingdom of God and the values it brings.

Notice that with each temptation there is a corresponding statement of faith, if you will. Jesus here not only resists what is being laid before him, He responds to all that the tempter offers with kingdom affirmations: I’ll center on God’s Word, I’ll not test my God, and I’ll worship and serve God and God alone.

Reflecting on today’s passage in that way, we see this very clearly. It’s one thing for us to resist temptation. It’s another thing for us in the midst of that to affirm our faith by offering our own statement of faith, if you will. For example, when tempted by greed, God calls us to not only resist but to also affirm our need to give back to Him a portion of what He’s given us. Or when tempted by self-centeredness and pride, God calls us, again, to not only resist but to also affirm our need to serve others as we walk with Christ.

As we begin this journey of Lent, ask yourself: what temptations are pulling at you right now, and in response to them, what might your statement of faith be? May we never simply resist but also always affirm in the midst of that what we truly believe.

Prayer: Loving God, even as we offer Affirmations of Faith during worship at times, help us craft and claim our own personal affirmations of faith often. Amen.


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