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Lenten Devo Day 12

Sunday, March 13, 2022

You Want Me to Do What?

Laura Rector

Luke 5:4-9

While in Capernaum at the Sea of Galilee, I went on a boat ride to where it’s believed this scripture story took place. While enjoying the ride, I noticed so few boats on the lake, so I asked the captain why this was. He told me that just like in Jesus’ day, commercial fishing takes place mostly at night because the fish don’t see the nets. Once the sun comes out, the fish see the nets and swim away! So, knowing this, I am guessing Simon Peter was quite exasperated when Jesus told him to cast out his nets once again, in the light of day! But he did and boy was it worth it! Not because of the fish caught, but because he experienced something life-changing…the unquestionable handiwork of God. This ordinary fisherman, handpicked by Jesus as worthy of His attention, was awestruck and his life would never be the same.

Often, when I am faced with people asking me to do something, anything, out of the ordinary, my immediate reaction is to sigh and say NO. But, more often than not, I say YES and as a result, I am blessed by the encounter. God challenges me all the time, to get out of my own head as to what makes sense, and into His. And when I do, even if I don’t understand where He is leading me, it is always the right thing.

So, when have you been asked to do something, you considered a waste of time, only to discover blessings abundant?

Prayer: Good and Gracious God, help me to trust where you are leading me, even if I don’t quite understand why. Amen.


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